America is the best. 

It won't stay that way if we don't teach our kids the true story of American Exceptionalism. 

A large majority of young people are not proud of America. 

They believe a false narrative pushed by woke Commies in public education, media and our bloated, power hungry government.

Every cultural force wants us to be more like Communist China and less like the United States of America.

The last line of defense is the family.

The future of freedom depends on strong dads building a new generation of patriots. 

We provide all the tools you need to: 

  • teach your kids to love America
  • be a better dad
  • have more fun with your children
  • send the dirty Commies packing

It is the exact system I use with my sons. 

It's simple, effective and inexpensive. 

There is literally no reason not to sign up.

Well, maybe one - you love Stalin. 

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The lessons on Raising Americans are identical to the lessons I use with my sons.

I love my sons.

I want them to be happy. 

I want your kids to be happy, too. 

But I want YOU to be hero in this story, not me. 

I'm the guide. 

Raising Americans is the map.

All you have to do is follow it.

How Raising Americans Works 

  1. Register.
  2. Start with the Basic Americanism course. 
  3. Build a patriotic home full of happy children.
  4. Win the culture War.


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Thank God I am an American

Dirty Commies are working overtime to turn our kids against us.

Woke nerds, social media platforms and CRT loving racists teach our kids that white Americans are the devil and black Americans are oppressed. 

My kids know they aren't oppressed. 

They know America is the greatest nation in human history. 

They wake up every morning grateful to be free men in a free country. 

Your kids will, too. 

I mean, if you register and follow the plan. 

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