The subtle art of turning your kids into freedom loving winning machines. 

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Raising Americans

You have a plan for date night on Friday. 

You have a plan to get the kids to school on time. 

But do you have a plan to raise your children? 

Do you have a plan to pass American values and culture to them? 


American Family Values

Building a family is no different than building a business, team or military unit.

You need clearly defined core values, rules, goals and rituals to build a winning culture. 

Do you have a plan or are you winging it and hoping for the best? 

I mean, making good humans isn't THAT complicated...I'm sure you'll be fine. :|

Simple. Not easy.

Good news. The plan is simple. 

The challenge is sticking to it. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 

Americanism 101

What you should learn in school about American Exceptionalism.

Raising Americans BBQ Club

Family BBQ time from sea to shining sea.


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