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The True Story of American Exceptionalism

Equality. Rights. Rebellion. 

How Raising Americans Works

First - nothing we do is boring.

Our goal is to teach your kids to love America.

It is not to bore them (or you) to death attempting to turn them into historians or constitutional scholars. 

You learn HOW to evaluate history and politics through a pro-American perspective. 

We do this using lists, symbols and stories. 

- Simple lists to define complex concepts. 

- Symbols to inspire patriotism. 

- Stories to make your kids (and you) proud to be an American. 

The Lessons

Everyone starts with the Basic Americanism Course.

Basic Americanism covers, not surprisingly, the basics:

American Ideals 

  • Equality 
  • Rights 
  • Rebellion

American Rights 

  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Property 
  • Pursuit of Happiness
  • Consent 
  • Grievance 

Our Founding Documents 

  • Declaration of Independence 
  • Constitution 
  • Bill of Rights  

Slavery and Americanism 

How a nation founded in liberty and dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal tolerated and even defended the abhorrent practice of chattel slavery. 

Slavery, and the relationship between white Americans, black Americans and government defines every era of our history and cannot be overlooked. 

After Basic Americanism you and the kids move to monthly Applied Americanism lessons. 

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Every lesson is a lesson I built for my sons.

I started with my oldest in 2012 and refined the system over time. It is significantly better for my younger boys...sorry, Kolton. 

Applied Americanism Lessons

Every month we cover a historical event and at least one American value. 

Honestly, I typically do more than one event per month. There is a lot of great stuff to learn and I always have a phone with me to record stuff. 

The events and values are always tied back to an American Ideal. 

So, we take an event, relate it to a value then discuss it relative to the American Ideals. 

This allows your kids (and you) to think critically about any issue through a pro American prism.

It. Is. Awesome. 

Your kids will never be conned into believing Communism is awesome, America is irredeemably racist or the Declaration of Independence is white supremacy.

There are some events we cover every year. 

  • Declaration of Independence
  • Emancipation Proclamation 
  • Gettysburg Address 
  • George Washington's Inaugural and Farewell Addresses
  • George Washington crossing the Delaware (Victory or death!) 
  • MLK "I have a dream"
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Frequently Asked Questions

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