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The subtle art of turning your kids into freedom loving winning machines. 

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Raising Americans

You have a plan for date night on Friday. 

You have a plan to get the kids to school on time. 

But do you have a plan to raise your children? 

Do you have a plan to pass American values and culture to them? 


American Family Values

Building a family is no different than building a business, team or military unit.

You need clearly defined core values, rules, goals and rituals to build a winning culture. 

Do you have a plan or are you winging it and hoping for the best? 

I mean, making good humans isn't THAT complicated...I'm sure you'll be fine. :|

Simple. Not easy.

Good news. The plan is simple. 

The challenge is sticking to it. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. 


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