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Let Them Eat Cream!

podcast Dec 04, 2019

Basic Minimum Income Never Tasted So Sweet

That's one way to earn a vote. See the terrifying image in higher resolution by clicking here.

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Some of the articles we covered today. 

Europeans Stink
Super Sophisticated Europeans are Super Sophisticated - NBC News

Yeah, you're soooooo much better than us. Feel free to call America when the Germans come up with their next imaginary reason to attack the rest of you.  

Guns! Guns everywhere!
Can we hit 500 million? Do we have what it takes? Link to Washington Examiner

No More Weed With Willie
Willie Nelson gives up on weed after 65 years.

Keep your lungs smoke free and listen to "My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys". 

Call me Miss Bond
James Bond 25 trailer looks pretty good

Please don't make a female James Bond. Build a new movie franchise around a female character. It won't work to just make James Bond a woman any better than it did to make Luke Skywalker a woman. 

Stop it. Female characters can stand on their own. They don't need to be bad copies of a male character...especially an iconic male character. 

Pound sand, nerd.
According to the wokest of the woke Mayor Pete (who isn't at all pandering to blacks in an attempt to get more than 0% black support) Trump supporters are "soft on racism".  

The lowest form of political argument is calling people with differing views racist. 

Especially when you are talking about more than 50 million people. 

Yeah, Petey, you got me. I'm a racist. 

Abortion Slowly Dying
Can't happen fast enough.  

That's all I have today. 

Go Army! 



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