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California Dreaming with Comrade Sanders

politics Dec 05, 2019

Ole boy Senator Sanders pulls ahead in California

File this under not shocking. 

Unless you are "shocked" that an old, white member of the patriarchy is the favorite candidate in ultra woke California. 

Pro tip - Bernie is a place holder for the Democrat base while they wait for AOC in 2028. 

Super Way Too Early Prediction
The Democrats have a brokered convention with someone other than Bernie emerging as the nominee. 

Bernie and AOC go bananas and refuse to support the nominee (or "support" her but don't do anything to get her elected) and lay the foundation for the Rise of the Commies in 2028 . 

Link to article in the LA Times

There are no friends in the Woke Aristocracy
Mayor Pete, who is gay, gets throttled by LGBTQ+ groups for, GASP, ringing a little bell for the Salvation Army in 2017. 


It is impossible to stay in front of ever changing standards of politically correct behavior. 

Two things to remember about the Left:

  1. they love to destroy things, like the Salvation Army, and replace them with nothing. 
  2. Leftism in America should probably be called Leninism. In Leninism the only person safe from persecution was Lenin. That is until Stalin became the head of the Party then only he was safe. 

In 2024 President Obama will be thrashed by Democrats as an old and out-of-touch 1/2 white guy and Senator Warren will be a brutal cultural appropriator tool of the capitalist patriarchy. 

Unless you think you are Lenin or Stalin it's best to work with people like me to preserve individual liberty and defeat socialism. 

I look forward to Mayor Pete's apology and outreach to the gay community of which, ironically, he is a member. 

Macron Makes Fun Of Trump as Paris Burns
France, who we're told we should be just like, experienced another night of raucous protests. In a shocking twist the quasi-socialist French economy is rife with income inequality, cronyism and impossible-to-fund pension programs. Whhaaaaaaaa?!?!?! No way! 

Yes way. Almost like socialism doesn't work. Weird

That's all I have for today. 

Go Army, 


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