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Americanism 101 Course Outline

americanism 101 Feb 27, 2019

Most of us know America is amazing. 

We have a better economy, more liberty and more opportunity than any civilization in human history. 


If I asked you to tell me what specifically makes America exceptional could you tell me? 

What if your kids asked? 

Sure, it's cool to say "Bud Light, football and freedom. Merica!" 

However, if we're going to win the culture war we need a better answer. 

That's where our Americanism 101 course comes in.

It's a pro-American examination of what makes Americanism amazing. 

What's covered? Good question. 

Americanism 101 Course Outline

Block 1 - Americanism Overview

  • Americanism Defined 
  • Hockey stick of prosperity and hope

Block 2 - Individual Liberty 

  • The Declaration
  • Natural Law and Human Rights
  • Slavery and The Declaration

Block 3 - Free Market Capitalism

  • The most moral economic system
  • Efficiency 
  • Opportunity and Equality

Block 4 - The Constitution 

  • Very, very basic history
  • Why Congress needs to grow a pair
  • Slavery and the Constitution

Block 5 - Grit

  • The essential American virtue
  • From George Washington to today

Black 6 - Gratitude

  • Thank God you're an American

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