All American Tax Plan

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2019

Bottom Line Up Front 

The American Citizen does not exist to fund government.

The All American Tax Plan promotes individual liberty, incentivizes savings, rewards entrepreneurship and discourages weak politicians from engaging in Marxist class warfare. 

Revenue Neutral? 
I literally don't care. The federal bureaucracy works with what we the people give it, not the other way around. 

It IS NOT my job to fund a $4 TRILLION budget. 

It IS NOT your job to fund a $4 TRILLION budget.

It IS the government's job to work within the bounds of the Constitution and spend less than it receives. 

Hell yes. We're blowing the doors off. 

Individual Rates

15%: $1 - $50,000

20%: $50,000.01 - $1 million 

25%: more than $1 million 

If you earn income you pay income taxes. We're all in this together. 

Rates are low and less progressive. Progressive tax structures are inefficient, produce income inequality (looking at you,...

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Americanism 101 Course Outline

americanism 101 Feb 27, 2019

Americanism 101 is a 9 week course created and built by me, Kalian Osborn. 

It's a pro-American examination of what makes Americanism exceptional and Socialism a dumpster fire.

What's covered? Good question. 

Americanism 101 Course Outline

Week 1 - Americanism Overview

  • Americanism Defined
  • What make America exceptional? 
  • Hockey stick of prosperity and hope
  • How to promote Americanism 
  • Basic economics of Americanism (don't worry, there's no math)

Week 2 - Socialism Overview

  • Socialism Defined 
  • Human cost of Socialism 
  • Infamous Socialists and why the worst get on top
  • Basic economics of Socialism (there's for sure no math. Socialists don't believe in it.)
  • Types of Socialism in America

 Week 3 - The Declaration of Independence

  • Greatest political document ever
  • Text and history of the Declaration 
  • Defending the Declaration
  • Slavery and the Declaration 

Week 4 - The Constitution 

  • History
  • Article Basics
  • Why Congress needs to grow a...
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