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Nuts and Bolts...and Washers

small bits Jun 02, 2019

Weird topic. Why post about nuts, bolts and washers? Well, recently I was sitting in my favorite easy chair. When I leaned back to recline the left side of the seat dropped to the floor. I weight too much, but not that much!

Why did this happen?...

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Small Bits of Knowledge

small bits Jun 02, 2019

Small children learn many new things every day. It's basically automatic. As we get older we naturally tend to get settled in our ways and, as a result, learn fewer and fewer new things. To counter that we must deliberately seek out new knowledge....

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All American Tax Plan

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2019

Bottom Line Up Front 

The American Citizen does not exist to fund government.

The All American Tax Plan promotes individual liberty, incentivizes savings, rewards entrepreneurship and discourages weak politicians from engaging in Marxist...

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Americanism 101 Course Outline

americanism 101 Feb 27, 2019

Most of us know America is amazing. 

We have a better economy, more liberty and more opportunity than any civilization in human history. 


If I asked you to tell me what specifically makes America exceptional could you tell...

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