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Tyranny of Experts

applied americanism Apr 28, 2020

Crossing the Delaware

If General Washington consulted an expert in river crossings about taking his Army across a partially frozen river after dark the expert would have said "absolutely not". 

Had General Washington not crossed the Delaware...

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Wuhan Mania

podcast Mar 12, 2020


lol. No it's not.

COVID-19 (the Wuhan Virus if you're a maniac xenophope or geographobe...or whatever) is a serious threat if you're old and/or infirm.** 

If you are young and healthy you're in no more danger than you are...

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California Dreaming with Comrade Sanders

politics Dec 05, 2019

Ole boy Senator Sanders pulls ahead in California

File this under not shocking. 

Unless you are "shocked" that an old, white member of the patriarchy is the favorite candidate in ultra woke California. 

Pro tip - Bernie is a place...

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Let Them Eat Cream!

podcast Dec 04, 2019

Basic Minimum Income Never Tasted So Sweet

That's one way to earn a vote. See the terrifying image in higher resolution by clicking here.

Today's show is sponsored by Raising Americans...which I own.
Want to teach your kids to love America AND...

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Terrible Candidate Bites Dust Blames Everyone But Herself

podcast Dec 04, 2019

Is a life without Kamala a life worth living? 
Only time will tell. 

Want to teach your kids to love America? Of course you do. Click here to get started

Articles mentioned in today's episode of The Kalian Osborn Show with Kalian...

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Thanksgiving Dinner With a Side of Self Loathing

podcast the briefing Nov 28, 2019

Quick! Get in an argument with everyone in the family! 

Be sure to call at least one relative a white nationalist and refuse to eat the "meal of oppression and climate denial". 

On second thought - thank God you're an American and enjoy...

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Massive Debt Is So Awesome

podcast the briefing Nov 28, 2019

Don't Go To College When You Are 18

This is good advice for almost every graduating senior.


  1. you know exactly what you want to do
  2. the only way to get a job in your desired industry is with a college degree
  3. you can pay for it without...
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Americans Do Not Make Themselves

podcast the briefing Nov 27, 2019

Time to make some babies.

US birthrates continue to decline.

Let's do something about it. 

For real. You don't want one of these? 

This baby seems a little pale...I'm sure she'll be fine. 

Family Is Happiness 

When my...

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Lamar Jackson Is Incredibly Fun To Watch

podcast the briefing Nov 26, 2019

Must See TV

You owe it to yourself to watch the Ravens. What Lamar Jackson is doing is straight incredible. 

He obliterated the Rams last night. My goodness. 

I don't know how long he can be this amazing but I hope it's for a long...

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No Country For Old Joe

podcast the briefing Nov 26, 2019

What?!?! Joe Biden isn't popular?

File this under, "duh". 

He ran for president 48 times without success. 

Link to article in MidiaITE.

What?!?! Elizabeth Warren makes stuff up?

Correct. It's kind of her thing. 

Link to article...

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